Danilo Aparicio 2

Danilo Aparicio – UBO

Colombia, 2015, Psychology, Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins

Without planning, Danilo Aparicio, a Colombian student of Psychology arrived to Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins, and besides studying he made his internship. Learn about his experience here

 Why did you want to make an exchange program?

It was by accident. I was not expecting to make an exchange program, but it happened. I wanted to learn about a new culture, but from the psychology side. At the end, I learned more about the Chilean as a person.

When working with Chilean patients, which advantages you acquire for your professional process?

It is always a challenge to treat a patient for the first time, here or in Colombia. But when you are in a different country with a different dialect – a lot of different words or fast speech- it made the process of understanding the person and her/his problem a bit difficult. But other than that, it was an amazing experience, I mean, I did it well.

At the end of the exchange process, what kind of experiences do you bring back to Colombia?

I leave with the experience of independence, living alone, learning to manage my money, being able to get around in a new country and exploring. Imagine that from a professional point of view, I take the experience of having to see new problems, having to interact with a new patient and help to undo all those problems that people carry in their heads, which sometimes prevents them from looking ahead.