Chen Shansan – UST

China, 2014, Santo Tomás Educación Superior

As a language student, I have been studying Spanish for 2 years before my arrival to Chile. Since then, South America has always attracted me and I can happily say that my dream came true: to live in a South American country: Chile!

Chile is the farthest country from China. It has surprised me with its great culture, because it is so different from mine, with its beautiful nature and very nice people.

In Chile a lot of “first times of my life” came true. It was the first time that I lived abroad, made new friends from around the world, went to a “carrete” (party), went camping under the stars in the Atacama Desert, and enjoyed lunch close to the glacier in the Torres del Paine national park. Positively, these were amazing experiences that I’ll never forget.

Regarding my life in the university, it was obviously difficult at the beginning. I couldn’t understand almost anything in class but all teachers and classmates were very helpful. They always helped if a needed something and litle by litle I started to enjoy the fun and open classes.

For me, the best teacher is your own experience. After the time I spent in Chile, I try to mix the two cultures from China and Chile, which are completely different, and I think the shock of experiences are changing my personality, helping me to improve myself in the present and future.