Charlène Amyot – UVM

France, 2015, International Administration, Universidad Viña del Mar

I studied international Administration at the business school of Groupe ESC Troyes, in the city of Troyes and arrived to the beautiful city of Viña del Mar in July of 2015. I will be doing an exchange program for 1 year, which means that I have 9 months left to enjoy this amazing experience.

I choose Chile because I wanted to improve my Spanish and I was looking for a different country, to learn about other culture, far from Europe. I had never been in South America so I thought it was a good idea, specially Chile, because it is a country that not all the people has the opportunity to visit, and with all the landscapes that Chile has, I felt I wanted to do my exchange program in this wonderful place.

I have been here for 3 months and I like the Chilean lifestyle a lot, there is not as much stress here like in other countries. Chileans are so cool! And there a lot of good parties!

All the surroundings allow us to enjoy this experience, and we not only find Chileans, but people from different nationalities, like Mexicans, Bolivians, Ecuadorians, etc. Being here has given me a lot of positive experiences, because we can share our culture and learn more about others: it allow us to open our minds, see other ways of living and learn how to adapt.