Carlos Gonzalez Ruiz

Spain, 2016, Accounting and Finance, Duoc UC

Carlos is from Spain. He is studying accounting and finances and came to Chile to attend one semester at Duoc UC. Learn about his experience through his photos. His instagram is @cgonzalezru in case you want to see more pictures and trip experiences or, as he says, “to invite you to come to Chile, living here is magical”.


As soon as we arrived to Santiago, we went to the place where we spend the first few days. It was a hostel, very welcoming and people were very nice to us. Here’s where we met for the first time with people originally from here. My map was my friend and helped me navigate through Santiago very well.


Here I am with whom has been the nicest person with me during my exchange program. She is our friend, our mother, our older sister; she is the international relations coordinator. She has been there for us and she has made our experience here “bacan”. Thanks for everything, KENA.


Valle Nevado is a wonderful place where you can ski in the mountains during winter. The views are amazing and the weather too. We spend the day with the company “Amazing trip”. The coordinator was very cool and treated us very well. In the picture, I’m with some friends from Spain who we meet shortly after arriving here and end up being our neighbors.


We heard that the desert in the north was amazing. I never visited the desert before. I had the opportunity to travel with my Mexican exchange classmates and we met a group of girls from Spain who were very nice. We visited the Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) and the Tatio geysers among other places. We took this picture with our driver Andres. For me, he is the best tourist guide in Atacama hahahaha and it was not expensive.


This was an afternoon of vineyards, wine, laughs and shopping. We spend a very fun afternoon. The guide from the Concha y Toro vineyard explained to us a little bit of the vineyard history and the company. We were able to visit the wine cellar and do some wine tasting. The funniest activity was to learn about the story of El Casillero del Diablo (The Devil’s Locker).