Augustín Gosset

France, 2016, Antropology, Universidad de Magallanes

“I decided to do my thesis in Chile because I wanted to discover this region and live as people live here. I wanted to immerse myself in the environment”

I was invited by Universidad de Magallanes, but not to register for classes but to do my thesis here in Chile. I just sent an email and they answered immediately with a positive answer.

I come from the Institut des Hautes Etudes d’Amérique Latine, Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. I wanted to live in the Patagonia, so I looked for a place to study in that region, to live how people live here. I wanted to get to know this area and immerse myself in the environment. This interest relates to the theme in my thesis which covers the relationship between humans and nature.

I’ve been living in Punta Arenas and Cabo de Hornos since last July. I’ve been doing well and every day I find interesting material for my investigation. My passion is to understand how humans see themselves represented in nature. Each culture or cultural group has its past, and so, their own idea of nature, or better said, their environment. Nature comes as a cultural construction.

This is the reason why I came here to the Patagonia, because nature here is very important. Right now, I’m navigating in cruises to study the local people’s opinion about their environment. At the moment, I’ve seen a tremendous care for their environment, and also their intensive use of the national preserves. The environment here is protected in order to have a better use of it.

It has been very interesting for me to see how nature is utilized here. I’ve been able to understand why and where this is coming from.

What I like about Chile the most is its people and the sky. People are welcoming and the sky has very particular clouds and stars are like planets and it has unique views of the moon.

Two years ago I arrived to Chile and I went to the Atacama Desert, it was very nice. After that I traveled to Santiago and this year I will visit Valparaiso for a month.