Annemarie Perfil

Annemarie Philipp


I spent five months in Chile. I studied at Universidad de Playa Ancha, which means I was lucky and got to live in the city of Valparaiso. It is a wonderful place with secrets hidden behind every corner. Its art and “porteño” spirit notably influenciate the city’s nature.

I also had the chance of getting to know some other parts of Chile, such as Valle del Elqui, Santiago, and Atacama Desert. Through each trip I fell more in love with this beautiful country, its extraordinary landscapes and its nice people.

As for the academic side of my stay, I have nothing but good  comments. I can’t thank enough to the International Relations Office for all their asistance and paitience. From our welcome to our farewell, UPLA was very loving and caring to all of us, the foreign students. I felt very welcomed and supported at all times.