Ángel Lucas – UAutonoma

Spain, Physical Education, Universidad Autónoma de Chile

I took the decision of coming to study in Chile, to take the opportunity of discovering new cultures and alternative study methodologies. Curriculum is not only hard knowledge learned inside the classroom; there are many other aspects that are just as necessary and which you can only learn when  living an abroad experience.

The assessment structure is very different between Chile and Spain. For example, in Chile there are more tests throughout the year. Still, this doesn’t mean one system is better than the other. They are just different approaches towards learning.

Without any question, leaving your own country is exciting. I remember during my first days in Chile, I was looking and listening to everything. People seemed very joyful, even if they suffered of material deprivation. This is something that, little by little, is disappearing in Spain. I would like to focus my future in swimming, and health-oriented water activities for elderly people. It is a field that passionates me, and in which I really hope to be able to become a professional, in Spain or in Chile.