Ana Martín García

Spain, 2016

I really wanted know a different place and I was interested in travelling to South America. I looked through the options and it seemed to me that Chile was the safest and most stable country to live in.

I really do think that Chile is an amazing country, with so many different landscapes: ocean, mountains, desert, and forests. That was the main reason to come to study here, besides the fact that lifestyle in Chile is very similar to that of Spain, so it has been easy for me to adapt.

My experience at the university has been good. I met a lot of international classmates and I had a chance to meet Chileans who are very nice people.  

Up to now, I have traveled to southern Chile, to Puerto Varas and Patagonia. Also, I visited Easter Island and my last trip was to Atacama. Everything was really impressive. I spent just one week in all these cities, but I realized that these places are so different from each other.   

My experience in Chile has been very good; I like the country a lot, the people and the lifestyle.