Ana Paulina Herrera – UAutonoma

Mexico, Nutrition , Universidad Autónoma de Chile

Through my exchange experience I wish to bring new knowledge from the field of nutrition into my own country. I like to take advantage of new opportunities for development, and professional internships. This is a very relevant experience because it allows you to meet new possibilities. It is interesting to familiarize with different learning techniques with which one can grow personally and professionally. Besides, you get to know people with whom you share interests, and at the same time share different points of view.

Chileans are shy at first, but end up being very warm people. In Chile you will find an extensive nightlife and variated types of food. They eat many vegetables, among other foodstuffs. I also enjoyed southern Chile, specially Torres del Paine. There you may see the most amazing landscapes. To take the best out of an exchange experience, the key is to have the will to stand out and to be eager of looking for new frontiers.