Ana López

United States, 2016

“I think it’s amazing you can explore so many different climate zones and landscapes in just one country”

Since I was little I had read a lot about the dictatorship in Chile and all the changes taking place in the country over the last decade, so that really attracted me and I wanted to come here and discover it all with my own eyes. Later, I found out my university had an agreement with UDP and the program I could study here seemed to be more structured than other programs in Latin America. Also, the relationship between Chile and USA this last 10 years caught my attention, although it is not so close, clearly it is the best in Latin America, so everything made this very interesting.

Today, almost a year later, I think the focus of the UDP is set on the development of international policy. At the beginning it was difficult because of the language, but my Chilean family was a great support and I was very pleased to learn with them. Also, I loved the classes, in particular the special ones of the university.

My program has also two trips, one of them to Easter Island and the other to San Pedro de Atacama. Also, I visited Argentina and Uruguay and I participated of Oasis Chile, a group of young people who meet twice a week with Chilean and foreign students and to know each other, sing and talk about religion.

I love the nature of Chile; there are a lot of places you can visit for a walk, to explore, very different from the weather in Texas. If you want to study in Latin America, I would 100% recommend you Chile, which educational system is also very similar to the system of USA, so it is easier to understand and to adapt. My family visited me during Christmas and they loved Chile too, specially my brother who decided to come back and keep traveling across the country.