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Ana Clara Dottori – UBO

Argentina, 2016, Kinesiology, Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins

Thanks to the international agreement that Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins holds with Universidad Juan Agustín Maza, in Argentina, Ana Clara Dottori arrived to our country to attend one semester in the area of Kinesiology.

The 21 years old Argentinean student, after attending classes at Universidad Bernardo O´Higgins for 4 months, expressed that “it has been a very gratifying experience; I really don’t regret a thing about taking this exchange program. The UBO has treated me very well, the personnel are amazing and there is a welcoming environment, they are very friendly”.

Ana Clara expressed that Chile has helped her open her mind. “Meeting people, making new contacts and new friends have been a very special experience for me. Being able to live with a Chilean family has been so gratifying. They have been so welcoming and I feel like part of the family”.

Lastly, the student said that “in the academic level, I was able to look further from what I’ve been taught; I learned from other points of view, this has been such a luxury”.

The agreement with Universidad Juan Agustín Maza is one of the more than 70 international agreements that this University offers so that students and teachers can participate in exchange programs. This process is directly managed by the Interinstitutional Relations Office of UBO.