Cómo estudiar en Chile


What do I have to do to study in Chile?

To study in Chile you have to present the documentation requested by our educational system. First, you must have a student visa. To do so, you must go to the Chilean consulate in your country of origin and present the following documents:

  • Current passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Acceptance certificate for a study program form a Chilean educational institution.
  • Document certifying that you’ll receive a loan or/and scholarship. In other cases, it is necessary to prove the necessary means to live in Chile.
  • Medical certificate. You can find the application form in the consulate of your country.
  • Criminal records certificate of the country of residence, for students over 18 years old. The application form for this certificate can also be found in the consulate of your country.
  • 2 current Passport photographs (4.5 x4.5 cm).

With these documents you will be given a student visa valid for one year, and you can enter Chile within 90 days tops. This visa is for studies-related purposes only and does not allow you to work in Chile unless there is a special authorization evaluated by the consulate and no other.

Once arriving in Chile, go to the “Extranjeria” and International Police office and bring with you:

  • The visa given in your country of origin
  • 2 passport-size photographs
  • 2 reference letters from Chileans.

After this, go to the Civil Registration Office to obtain your “cédula de identidad para extranjeros” (foreign ID card) in order to legally validate your permanency in the country. For both procedures, you should also have an original copy of your college degree certificate or diploma and/or high school education – depending on the study level you achieved – duly legalized in the Consulate or Chilean Embassy of your country of residence. All these steps must be completed in 30 days max.

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