North Zone: From Arica to Coquimbo

This unique zone includes three regions known as the Norte Grande (Big North) —Arica y Parinacota, Tarapacá y Antofagasta— and the area known as Norte Chico (Small North) —Atacama y Coquimbo—. This area is famous for being one of the warmest places on earth, and despite its aridity, it has exceptional landscapes that go from the impressive desert to the dreamy white beaches of the Pacific Ocean, charming tourists from all over the world.

    • San Pedro de Atacama

      This charming town has something to offer for every traveller. If you favor archaelogical attractions you can visit the vestige of the Chinchorro and Atacameña cultures, if majestic landscapes are your favorite, then the rocky salty views from Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) are perfect for you. When it comes to birdwatching and biodiversity, Salar de Atacama will take your breath away. Also, you can go to El Tatio, a geyser field located within the Andes Mountains of northern Chile. El Tatio has over 80 active geysers (which represent 8% of the world) and it is the largest geyser field in the southern hemisphere. For further information please check:

      San Pedro de Atacama and Precordillera


      Tourist information

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    • Bahía Inglesa

      This is the ideal place for tourist who want to enjoy quiet, pristine and turquoise beaches with a guaranteed rest. Bahía Inglesa offers nature while Caldera offers culture and amazing seafood, plus the always fun aquatic sports. For further information please check:

      Bahía Inglesa: White sand and turquoise sea

      Bahía Inglesa and Caldera

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    • Iquique

      When it comes to really getting to know the essence of the north of Chile, Iquique is a great choice given the duality between rest and history, where the mining industry plays an important role. Cavancha is the main beach, it has white sand and offers many recreational activities. Iquique also offers museums full of history and the possibility to make excursions to Humberstone and Santa Laura (UNESCO World Heritage Site), both abandoned, yet well preserved towns that show the old glory days of saltpeter. For further information please check:

      Iquique: Desert oasis


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    • Valle del Elqui

      Located in Coquimbo region just 90 kilometres from La Serena, this beautiful valley attracts visitors in every season. Perhaps it is the blue and clear sky, seen from the astronomic observatories or just by sitting in the immensity of the quiet night. Maybe the historical town of Vicuña where the Nobel Prize Gabriela Mistral wrote her poetry is enough reason to go to Valle del Elqui. But if all these arguments do not convince you, then the pisco culture of the area will. Around the towns Pisco, Horcón and Cochiguaz there are plenty of opportunities to visit handcraft markets and the rustic factories of this famous distilled alcoholic beverage, the favorite of every chilean and Chile´s visitors. For further information please check:

      Valle del Elqui

      Visiting Valle del Elqui, Coquimbo Region

      The New York Times emphasises Elqui Valley among the 52 destinations to be visited this 2015

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