estudiantes ust 2019

Spain, Austria, China, Mexico, Colombia and France are some countries of origin of the 42 students that will be part of Universidad Santo Tomás this semester, through the institution’s International Experience Program.

On Friday, March 15th, UST welcomed the exchange students, who arrived in our country as part of the program of international experience that Santo Tomás has in partnership with their respective houses of study.

The meeting, held at the Confucius Institutes Regional Center for Latin America, Crical, was the official body that started this program, where the students got to know each other, as well as visit the main tourist attractions in downtown Santiago.

Cristina Muñoz, national coordinator of the program together with Roberto Lafontaine, director of International Projects of Santo Tomás, were in charge of welcoming the students. They highlighted the importance of interculturality as a character forming experience.

“I invite the students to live the complete experience: culture, gastronomy, enjoyment and, of course, study. They should study and also have fun, “said the Director of International Projects of Santo Tomás.

Exchange students will be staying in Santiago  from a semester to a year and will be incorporated into programs such as: Social Work; Industrial Civil Engineering; Nutrition and diet; Veterinary Medicine; Engineering, Automation and Industrial Control; Gastronomy; General formation; Sports Science and Physical Activity; Commercial engineering; Biotechnology; Agronomy and Nursing.

International links

The new students made great emphasis on the opportunity to study in an institution like Santo Tomás, thanks to its great link with important higher education institutions throughout the world.

“I chose biotechnology at the UST because the courses caught my eye, some are similar to my program (biology), however, I really like the approach that St. Thomas has, diving further in,” says Addy Paredes from Merida, Mexico.

José Maqueda from the Catholic University of Ávila, Spain, appreciated the security of Chile and the institutional support that the UST has in its university: “I chose Santo Tomás since it is one of the universities that the Santander scholarship offered me, which is why I came, It has quite a good reputation and it is in a city (Santiago) that also makes me and my parents feel safe”.


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