fiesta costumbrista de la estancia

Many cultural celebrations are held in Chiloé during the summer in different places on the island. Typical songs, gastronomic expositions and cultural activities compose the various celebrations in communities such as Dalcahue, Castro, Quinchao, among others.

  • Quelquel (fourth weekend of November)
  • Rilán (third weekend of December)
  • Pid Pid (second Sunday in January)
  • Quento (third weekend of January, Saturday)
  • Yutuy (third weekend of January, Sunday)
  • Quehui (fourth weekend of January)
  • Nercón (fourth weekend of January)
  • Gamboa Alto (first weekend of February, Saturday)
  • La Estancia (first weekend of February, Sunday)
  • Llau llao (second weekend of February)
  • Great Festival Costumbrista Chilote (third weekend of February) in the Municipal Park of the city
  • Yutuy Apple Maja (fourth weekend of February)
  • Llicaldad (third weekend of July)
  • Coihuinco (third week of August)

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