The goal of this program is to train a doctor specialized on Child and Youth Emergency Medicine with the abilities and competences to work on a public or private service, with the skills for team-working and able to identify the main medical and surgery emergencies of this age range. A leader in resuscitation, rescue, transportation and management of his/her service, recognized by his/her peers as a doctor expert on this area and with deep human, ethical academic qualities. The training of Pediatric Emergency Medicine specialist answers the Chilean need and focuses on mastering the following areas: acute injury and trauma, medication overdose, abuse, legal medical aspects. To fulfill these tasks demands the training of specialists able to recognize and comprehensively manage all the patients (and the family) problems with the ability to point and interpreter the different diagnosis and therapeutic techniques on the emergency scenario; communications skills, leader on team-work, teacher and health promotion. As all of the other programs on this Faculty, this one requires exclusive dedication.


Angelina Reinoso
Post-graduate Assistant

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