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Traditional and highly demanded programs such as Business Administration and Medicine now compete with cutting-edge technology-related programs such as Computer Engineering, Telecommunications and Systems.

One of the most recurring doubts in young people when they finish their secondary studies is: now what do I study? Many of you probably know the answer to this question; for others it may not be that easy to answer.

The first thing you have to discover is your academic inclinations: you may like basic sciences, such as Medicine; social and economic sciences, like Administration; or you may be more attracted by technology, such as Systems Engineering or Computer Science.

Business administration is one of the most demanded careers in South America. In Argentina, the options expand to include Public Accounting, as the first of 8 careers that concentrate 78% of all demands in the university fields, according to a report from the “John F. Kennedy” University in Argentina.

The analysis entitled “The labor market for university professionals in Argentina” showed that the demand for accountants, business managers and HR experts is due to “the intensification of the internationalization of the economy that took place in the last decades”, which “resulted in the creation of large transnational corporations that require a growing control and management of their internal and productive organization.”

Medicine and Nursing are two of the programs with the highest enrollment among Chilean students. According to the National Education Council of Chile, these two careers are on the podium of the most demanded, followed by Civil Engineering. At least 1,626 students applied for Medicine in 2016. Nursing counted 1,559 candidates.

Systems Engineering / Information Technology is shifting the traditional study options in Colombia. One aspect that is revolutionizing the labor and academic field is technology. In Colombia, although the most demanded career is Administration, according to a study by Trabajando.com, the options related to Information Technology are approaching the top preferences.

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