The biggest bed of flowers in the last 18 years appeared in the Chilean desert with an amazing intensity, thanks to the El Niño climate phenomena.

5 years ago the Atacama area was worldwide known due to the accident of the miners, that left 33 people trapped 600 meters underground, which fortunately had a happy ending. Today, the northern desert Chilean region is again in the news due to a phenomena known as the Desierto Florido, which amazing blossom is the biggest in these last 18 years.

Thousands of suspiros, patas de guanacos and celestinas transformed the isolated landscape between the north of La Serena city and south of Antofagasta with a multicolor background with strong exotic colors. After 10 years of drought, this year the north area received lots of rain in different seasons; due to this, the blossom period “got extended in an unusual way through November”, explained Pedro León Lobos, the person in charge of the Banco Base de Semillas of the Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (Inia)

The highest concentration of flowers can be seen in all the region of Coquimbo, from Pichidangui to Los Choros, in the Atacama region and also in the hills of the precordillera Antofagasta region, from Chañaral to San Pedro de Atacama. This phenomenon meant a 40% increase in the visits of tourists.