Santo Tomás Educación Superior

Santo Tomás is a higher education institution with nationwide presence and over 38 years of service in the field of academia. With 89,000 students and over 105,000 who have graduated from its branches from Arica to Punta Arenas, UST offers more than 90 majors 45 graduate programs and 105 undergraduate degrees at all levels of higher education: University, Professional Institute (IP) and Technical Training Center (DTC).

It is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission of Chile and, at present, one of the fastest-growing institutions of higher education in the country, recognized for its academic excellence in Chile.


Professional careers that grant bachelor degrees and last 8 to 11 semesters.

School : Management

Bachelor degree in Public Accounting

Business Administration

Management Control Engineering

School : Sciences

Bachelor’s Degree in General Science


Bachelor degree in Biology

School : Social Sciences

Social Work


School : Law


School : Education

Preschool Education

Elementary Education

Special Needs Education

Pedagogy in English

Pedagogy in Physical Education

School : Engineering


Civil Engineering in Mining

Civil Engineering in Information Technology

Civil Industrial Engineering

School : Veterinarian Medicine and Natural Resources

Veterinary Medicine


School : Healthcare


Speech Therapy

Physical Therapy

Nutrition and Dietetics

Medical Technology

Occupational Therapy

School : Sports Sciences

Sports and High Performance Sciences

School : Communications


Public Relations



Students can earn their degrees studying the following high-level professional and vocational careers, lasting 5 to 8 semesters, during daytime and evening hours:

Area: Management

Public Accountant

Public and Municipal Administration Technologist

Management Technologist

Human Resources Management Technologist

Foreign Trade Technologist

Finance Technologist

Area: Social Sciences

Social Work

Social Work Technician

Area: Communication

Digital and Multimedia Animation

Audiovisual and Digital Communication

Sound Technologist


Area: Design

Graphic Design

Multimedia Advertising Design Technician

Area: Information Technology

IT Technologist

Programming Analyst

IT Platforms Technician

Connectivity and Networks Technician

Area: Engineering

Civil Construction

Industrial Chemistry Technologist

Mobil Equipment Operator

Area: Mining

Technician in Automation and Industrial Control

Technician in Electricity and Industrial Electronics

Technician in Industrial Maintenance

Risk Prevention

Technician in Automation and Industrial Control

Technician in Electricity and Industrial Electronics

Technician in Industrial Maintenance

Technician in Geology and Mining

Technician in Mining Operations

Area: Natural Resources

Livestock Technologist

Aquaculture Technologist

Area: Tourism and Cuisine

Technician in Tourism



Higher-level vocational careers, offering diplomas, lasting 5 semesters in day/evening schedules.

Area: Management

General Accounting

Management Technician

Logistics Management Technician

Human Resources Technician

Foreign Trade Technician

Area: Communication

Digital Audiovisual Communication Technician

Sound Technician

Area: Sports


Sports Technician

Area: Law


Area: Education

Preschool Education Technician

Special Education Technician

Area: Engineering

Land Surveyor

Civil Construction Technician

Area: Mining

Risk Prevention

Chemical Analysis Technician

Area: Dentistry

Dental Hygienist

Dental Laboratory Technologist

Area: Natural Resources

Agriculture Technician

Agriculture and Livestock Technician

Technician in Livestock Management

Technician in Aquaculture Production

Technician in Animal Health and Livestock Production

Area: Healthcare

Sales Agent/ Pharmaceutical Salesperson

Nursing Technologist

OB/GYM and Neonatal Technician

TENS and Rehabilitation Support Procedure

Pharmacy Technician

Clinical Laboratory, Blood Bank and Imaging Technician

Technician in Podiatry

Health Records and Statistics Technician

Area: Tourism and Cuisine

International and Traditional Chilean Cuisine

Technician in Hostelry and Tourism

Technician in Adventure Tourism

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