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Duoc UC was founded in 1968, as an initiative of a group of students and faculty of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Over nearly half a century, we have become an innovative, open institution with strong market connections, characterized by recognizing and adapting to market needs. In collaboration with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, consistent with our pursuit of the academic excellence, we are at the forefront of teaching-learning processes, actively articulating the players in the field of job training and promoting an integrated, fully developed national community. At present, with 80,000 students, Duoc UC offers 96 technical and professional degree programs through 9 schools deployed in 16 campuses in the Santiago, Valparaiso and Bio-Bio Regions. We have over 560 students from 30 foreign countries from 4 different continents enrolled in regular study programs. A high concentration of students from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil accounts for Duoc UC’s presence and projection in the region.

This fact takes on particular relevance if we consider that already in 1888, the founders of P. Universidad Católica de Chile stated that the Institution should be both a university and a polytechnic, and that it should promote practical education and training according to the needs of a developing country, a challenge and an opportunity that are still very current and live in DuocUC’ spirit and field of work as it looks to the future as an endeavor extending its influence to the world.

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Casa Central Duoc UC

Duoc UC: Undergraduate Careers and Courses

Duoc UC offers technical and professional grade programs and courses on the following subjects:

Agriculture Sciences
Architecture and Planning
Art and Design
Economics, Business Studies, Management Science
Engineering, … see more


DUOC UC: Tourism and Hospitality (English Program)

8-semester program taught completely in English. It is part of Duoc UC’s School of Tourism. It leads to a professional degree.
For Duoc UC, the idea of improving the quality and sustainability of the touristic Chilean offer is directly related to … see more