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The “Multidisciplinary analysis of contemporary Chile’s conflicts with international and neighboring countries” international course, provided by the Center of Political, Cultural and Social Latin-American Studies in Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins, had its final stage in the North of Chile and south of Peru.

A group of students currently in the process of getting their master’s degree from the universities of Vrije Universiteit Bruselas, VUB of Belgium and Université La Sorbonne, Abu Dabi and France campuses, took part in the event, attending a master lecture given by the commanding officer of the North Joint Command, Major General John Griffiths.

This event took place thanks to the partnership between UBO and Universidad de Tarapaca, also including the participation of Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins’s Academic Vice-Rector, Jorge Arias, and the Director of International Inter-institutional Relations, Virginie Delalande.

“The objective of this third week of the course consisted of a visit to a site that allowed students to complement their theoretical notes with practical experience. It has been a very good experience for the students, who have taken part in a variety of very instructive guided visits, which granted them the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of Chile’s history and the conflicts with neighboring countries.”, stated Virgine Delalande.

Likewise, the student Marie Aubry, from the Université Paris Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, commented “I had never been to Chile before. I am so happy to have been a part of this program, as much for the lectures as for the visit to the North of Chile. I loved the city of Arica. I would recommend this international course to anyone who is interested in the history of Chile, the conflicts and territories of Latin America.”
In addition, the students paid a visit to the border region, saw the de-mining process in the North, and visited the city of Arica and its surroundings, as well as the area of Putre and the Chilean High Plateau, in which they passed by the tripartite boundary marker that sets the limits with Bolivia and Peru, with a final stop at Tacna in Peru.

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