festival de viña

International Festival of Song in Viña del Mar

Amphitheater of The Quinta Vergara, Viña del Mar, Valparaiso Region

A musical competition organized by the municipality of Viña del Mar which has over 50 years of history. It is considered to be the largest musical festival in Latin American and has over 15 thousand …


Grape harvest celebrations

Various locations in the central zone of the country

Women and men squish grapes with their bare feet inside a large wooden barrel. This tradition is accompanied by various gastronomic expositions, parades with floats, and the election of Kings and …

Peluquería Francesa - Barrio Yungay

Barrio Yungay

Santiago, Región Metropolitana

Are you thinking about a destination to go in Santiago?

We recommend you to visit the beautiful and historical neighborhood called “Barrio Yungay”, listed as Heritage Route of Santiago and declared …

Procession of the Christ of May

Santiago, Metropolitana region.

This traditional religious celebration takes place in Chile ever since Spanish colonial times, where the participants carry the image of the Christ of May from the San Agustin church to the Plaza de Armas. …

Cultural Heritage Day

National Museums, Chile

A complete program of various cultural activities is presented this month in many parts of the country. In addition, on the first Sunday of the month, all the museums in the country and opened to the public …

Indigenous New Year

Rural Zones of Temuco, Araucanía Region.

The night of June 24th celebrates the indigenous New Year, a time to give thanks to the earth for its fruits and warmth. Additionally, The “We Tripantu” or “return of the sun”, takes place in various …

San Pedro Celebration

Fisherman’s Cove, Valparaíso, Valparaíso Region.

It’s one of Chile’s most traditional activities in which the fishermen give thanks to Saint Peter, their patron saint. The celebration is accompanied by food and drink from the area where seafood is …

La Tirana Festival

La Tirana, Tarapacá Region

More than 200 thousand tourists and pilgrims greet the Virgin of Carmen amidst the diablada or the devilish one. It’s known as the carnival where the locals dance to expel the demons from their town. In …

Santiago International Film Festival (SANFIC)

Santiago, Metropolitana region.

The country’s principal film festival gives an exhibition of international films in addition to the most recent national films which compete for the title of the festival. The competition also is known for …

National Holiday

All regions of Chile

El 18 de septiembre, todo Chile conmemora un año más desde la primera junta de gobierno nacional. La celebración que dura algunos días, siempre va acompañada de distintas comidas típicas como empanadas, …